Key Terms

Natural Selection 244 Hostile Forces of Nature 245 Adaptations 245 Sexual Selection 245 Intrasexual Competition 245 Intersexual Selection 245 Genes 246

Differential Gene Reproduction 246 Inclusive Fitness Theory 246 Adaptive Problem 248

Xenophobia 248 By-products of Adaptations 248 Evolutionary By-products 248 Evolutionary Noise 248 Domain-Specifi 249 Functionality 250 Deductive Reasoning Approach 251 Inductive Reasoning Approach 251 Social Anxiety 253

Evolutionary-Predicted Sex

Differences 260 Effective Polygyny 261 Sexually Dimorphic 261 Reactively Heritable 272 Frequency-Dependent Selection 272 Restricted Sexual Strategy 273 Unrestricted Mating Strategy 273 Psychopathy 274


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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