Brief Contents


1. Introduction to Personality Psychology 2

2. Personality Assessment, Measurement, and Research Design 24

part i

The Dispositional Domain

3. Traits and Trait Taxonomies 60

4. Theoretical and Measurement Issues in Trait Psychology 94

5. Personality Dispositions over Time: Stability, Change, and Coherence 136

part ii

The Biological Domain

6. Genetics and Personality 172

7. Physiological Approaches to Personality 204

8. Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality 242

part iii

The Intrapsychic Domain

9. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality 284

10. Psychoanalytic Approaches: Contemporary Issues 320

11. Motives and Personality 350

part iv

The Cognitive/Experiential Domain

12. Cognitive Topics in Personality 390

13. Emotion and Personality 422

14. Approaches to the Self 462

part v

The Social and Cultural Domain

15. Personality and Social Interaction 494

16. Sex, Gender, and Personality 522

17. Culture and Personality 552

part vi

The Adjustment Domain

18. Stress, Coping, Adjustment, and Health 586

19. Disorders of Personality 620


20. Summary and Future Directions 660

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