We would like to thank our own mentors and colleagues who, over the years, generated in us a profound interest in psychology . These include Arnold Buss, Joe Horn, Devendra Singh, and Lee Willerman ( University of Texas); Jack Block, Ken Craik, Harrison Gough, Jerry Mendelsohn, and Richard Lazarus ( University of California, Berkeley); Roy Baumeister (Florida State University-Tallahassee); Brian Little, Harry Murray, and David McClelland ( Harvard University); Sam Gosling, Bob Josephs, Jamie Pennebaker, and Bill Swann (now at University of Texas); Ed Diener (University of Illinois ); Gerry Clore ( University of V irginia); Chris Peterson ( University of Michigan); Hans Eysenck and Ray Cattell (both deceased); Tom Oltmanns, Roddy Roediger, and Mike Strube ( Washington University); Alice Eagly ( Northwestern University); Janet Hyde ( University of W isconsin); Robert Plomin ( King's College London) and Lew Goldberg (Oregon Research Institute) and Jerry Wiggins (University of British Columbia—Emeritus) as mentors from afar. Special thanks again go to Vicki Babbitt (Washington University), who handled many special requests along the way to this edition, including many last-minute overnight deliveries. We would also like to thank our team at McGraw-Hill, including executive editor Mike Sugarman, senior project Manager Diane Folliard, and photo research coordinator Sonia Brown. Special thanks go to developmental editor Liz Sugarman for coordinating the developmental aspects of this revision. Liz displayed all the characteristics authors can hope for in an editorial collaborator , including reliability , punctuality, accuracy, resiliency in the face of setbacks, clear communication of expectations, economical use of editorial authority, liberal use of editorial wisdom, and an intelligent sense of humor that we both appreciated.

Finally, RL would like to acknowledge family members who supported him and tolerated his neglect while he concentrated on this book, including his wife, Zvjezdana, and his children, Tommy and Ana. DB would like to thank his ".50" genetic relatives: his parents Arnold and Edith Buss; his siblings Arnie and Laura Buss; and his children Ryan and Tara Buss.

A project of this scope and magnitude requires the ef forts of many people. We are greatly indebted to our colleagues who reviewed this manuscript in its various stages. We sincerely appreciate the time and ef fort that the following instructors gave in this regard:

Timothy Atchison

West Texas A&M University Nicole E. Barenbaum

University of the South Michael D. Botwin

California State University-Fresno Mark S. Chapell

Rowan University Wayne A. Dixon

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Barry Fritz

Quinnipiac University

Steven C. Funk

Northern Arizona University Glenn Geher

State University of New York-New Paltz Evan Harrington

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Gail A. Hinesley

Chadron State College Jill C. Keogh

University of Missouri-Columbia John E. Kurtz

Villanova University


Brian Little

David Pincus

Harvard University

Chapman University

Todd Nelson

Stephanie Sogg

California State

Massachusetts General Hospital;


Harvard Bipolar Research Program

Stephen J. Owens

David Harold Zald

Ohio University

Vanderbilt University

We also continue to be grateful to the reviewers of our previous editions for their

valuable comments.

Michael Ashton

Michael J. Lambert

Brock University

Brigham Young University

Michael D. Botwin

Mark R. Leary

California State University-

Wake Forest University


Len B. Lecci

Fred B. Bryant

University of North Carolina

Loyola University Chicago

at Wilmington

Joan Cannon

Christopher Leone

University of Massachusetts

University of North Florida

at Lowell

Charles Mahone

Scott J. Dickman

Texas Tech University

University of Massachusetts

Gerald Matthews

at Dartmouth

University of Cincinnati

Richard Ely

Gerald A. Mendelsohn

Boston University

University of California

Stephen G. Flanagan

at Berkeley

University of North Carolina

Julie K. Norem

Irene Frieze

Wellesley College

University of Pittsburgh

William Pavot

Lani Fujitsubo

Southwest State University

Southern Oregon State College

Bill E. Peterson

Steven C. Funk

Smith College

Northern Arizona University

Mark E. Sibicky

Susan B. Goldstein

Marietta College

University of Redlands

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The McGregor School of Antioch

Robert M. Stelmack


University of Ottawa

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Steven Kent Sutton

Eastern Illinois University

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University of Arizona

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Forrest B. Tyler

University of Oregon

University of Maryland at College

Laura A. King


Southern Methodist University

Barbara Woike

Alan J. Lambert

Barnard College

Washington University

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