Postoperative care

A change in skin colour over the impulse generator or the lead could signify infection and patients should go to the hospital immediately for evaluation and/or antibiotics. Infections treated quickly and aggressively may obviate the need for device removal.

Prolonged fever or drainage from the skin close to the device can also signify infection. Persistent confusion, disorientation, or mental status change can indicate infection, or other neurological emergencies.

Rebound of symptoms can signify lead fractures or battery failure.

Electric shock-like sensations can signify lead shorts.

Sudden excessive spending of money, pressured talking, gambling, or grandiose behaviour can signify mania.

Feelings of doom, dysphoria, crying, and loss of energy may signify depression and should be treated quickly and aggressively because of the potentially increased risk of suicide in DBS patients.

Tenseness, anxiety and anger outbursts can all be the result of DBS.

Persistent postoperative headaches can be a sign of hydrocephalus.

Postoperative seizures can be a sign of haemorrhage, air, or subdural haematomas, and should be followed up with immediate imaging studies.

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