Risk Factors for Dementia in Parkinsons Disease

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Various demographic and disease variables predict PDD (Table 3). More recent work suggests that neuropsychological evaluation may also facilitate early identification of PDD. Jacobs et al. (91) and Mahieux et al. (92) noted that poorer performance by

TABLE 3 Risk Factors for Dementia in Parkinson's Disease

Demographic variables

Disease variables

Neurobehavioral variables

Greater age Lower education

Later onset Disease duration


Diminished cognitive test performance: Executive/Attention Verbal fluency Visuoperceptual List learning

Lower socioeconomic status Family history of Parkinson's dementia

Disease severity Susceptibility to levodopa-induced psychosis or confusion patients with PD on verbal fluency, attentional, and visuospatial tasks was associated with subsequent development of dementia. Woods and Tröster (93) found that nondemented PD patients who met criteria for dementia at one-year follow-up evaluation demonstrated poorer baseline performance on measures of word-list learning and recognition, complex auditory attention, and executive function.

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