Overexpression of Apolipoprotein E

Based on serial analysis of gene expression(SAGE), investigators have found apolip-rotein E (ApoE) overexpression in ovarian carcinoma. Besides the well-known role of ApoE in cholesterol transport and in the pathogenesis of atherosclerogenesis and Alzheimer's disease, ApoE may play a novel role in the development of human cancer. ApoE immunoreactivity has been detected in 66% of high-grade but only 12% of low-grade ovarian serous carcinomas, and not in normal ovarian surface epithelium, serous cystadenomas, serous borderline tumors, or other type I tumors.38 Hence, expression of ApoE is primarily associated with the type II high-grade serous carcinomas. Inhibition of ApoE expression in vitro induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in ApoE-expressing ovarian cancer cells, suggesting that ApoE expression is important for their growth and survival.

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