Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures; those followed by t indicate tables; and those followed by b indicate boxed material.

Adjuvant chemotherapy for borderline tumors, 198 for early ovarian carcinoma biological and molecular markers with, 152-154, 154t choice of agents for, 150, 150t, 151f for clear cell carcinoma, 151-152, 151f and definition of early cancer, 143-144, 144b duration of, 150-151, 151t efficacy of, 147-149, 148f, 148t, 149t importance of surgical staging for, 146-147, 147b, 149, 149t and natural history of untreated disease, 144-145,

145f, 145t vs. radiation therapy, 151, 152f recommendations on, 144b, 154, 155b and substaging, 143, 144b, 145, 146f, 146t for germ cell tumors, 215-216 for granulosa cell tumors, 202-205, 203f for Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors, 208 Adriamycin. See Doxorubicin (Adriamycin). Advanced ovarian carcinoma chemotherapy for, 156-159

equivalency of carboplatin and cisplatin for, 156-157 evolution of platinum and taxane agents for, 156 intraperitoneal, 155f, 158-159, 158f maintenance, 159 neoadjuvant, 159

new combinations and dose schedules for, 157-158, 158f recommendations on, 155f taxanes for, 157 surgery for, 109-127 diaphragm resection in, 117, 117f, 118f en bloc pelvic resection in, 113-117, 114f, 115f, 116f interval cytoreduction in, 122-123, 123t, 124f liver resection in, 118, 118f lymph node resection in, 121, 122f palliative, 125-127

predictors of optimal cytoreduction with, 121-122 principles of cytoreduction in, 109-111, 110f, 111f, 112f recurrent, 124-125, 125f second-look, 124, 125f splenectomy in, 119, 119f, 120f, 121f surgical principles for, 111-113 survival with, 156 Advanced-stage borderline tumors, 134-135, 135t, 198 Advanced-stage sex cord-stromal tumors, 200

African-American women, incidence of ovarian cancer in, 3, 3t

Age, as prognostic factor, 9-10 Allelic imbalance, in carcinogenesis, 25 Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), in germ cell tumors, 213 Androblastomas. See Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors (SLCTs).

Annular tubules, sex cord tumors with, 208-209 Antiangiogenesis agents, for recurrent and resistant ovarian cancer, 175

Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) overexpression, in carcinogenesis, 25

Artificial neural network analysis (ANN), for screening, 95

Ascites, and secondary cytoreduction, 183 Ashkenazi Jewish population, BRCA mutations in, 5-7, 36, 41, 52

Autosomal dominant inheritance, 34-35, 35f

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