Gynandroblastomas are exceedingly rare. They are usually small and benign and occur at an average age of 30, but they may manifest at any age. They are considered a mix of granulosa cell and Sertoli-Leydig tumors, since histologically they consist of both. Average age of presentation is 30, and since gynandroblastomas are part GCT, they secrete estrogen. However, their remaining components may secrete other hormon-ally active agents, occasionally causing virilization.


Histologic criteria for diagnosis of gynandroblastomas include at least a 10% GCT component, and some component of well-differentiated or intermediate differentiated Sertoli-Leydig tumor. The remaining elements consist of ovarian tissue and/or heterologous tissue.


Gynandroblastomas are consistently benign, and almost all are diagnosed at an early stage. Treatment consists of surgery, and unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is sufficient. One case of a recurrence was recently reported.89 These tumors occur so rarely that current available literature supports only conservative surgical management.

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