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Osteopathic methods are much in demand in the field of manipulative science. They use a unique gentle and effective approach which is of interest to many professionals who are asked to treat mechanical pain syndromes.

The Handbook of Osteopathic Technique is a compendium of photographs and full descriptions of osteopathic techniques. In its third edition this successful book has been fully revised, expanded and updated with new photographs for increased ease of interpretation when using the handbook.

The author uses his extensive teaching experiences to:

• discuss all aspects of modern osteopathic techniques (including indirect technique)

• aid learning and development using descriptions and photographs t emphasize the most and least suitable procedures for varied body types

• show how to improve skill and assist constructive learning.

Information is also given on modifying factors that fit different techniques to different subjects and models of dysfunction and contra-indications to technique. This handbook is designed for students of osteopathy but it will be invaluable for physiotherapists, chiropractors and manipulative physicians who wish to expand their knowledge of effective, modern gentle osteopathic methods.

Laurie Hartman is Associate Professor of Osteopathic Technique at the British School of Osteopathy. He has much experience in teaching, having taught at the BSO since 1965 and became a visiting lecturer of osteopathy schools in France, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia and the USA. Professor Hartman also teaches post-graduate physiotherapy students and runs a private practice in Barnet, Hertfordshire, UK.


London Weinheim New York Tokyo Melbourne Madras

Distributed in the United States by Singular Publishing Group Inc., San Diego, California ISBN 1-5659-3429-6

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