Kneading and stretching calf prone

Stretch the muscles by applying a dorsiflexion force to the foot. Use a pulling or pushing force on the bellies of the muscles with the other hand.

Tips: Most useful where it is necessary to get very deep into the muscle tissue. Try circumducting the knee to reach different parts of the muscle. Try changing the order of the stretch and kneading to produce the best combination of comfort and effectiveness.

32.5 • Kneading of calf prone Support the tibia on a small pillow and then apply a cross-fibre kneading to the calf muscles with both hands working in opposite directions.

Tips: Try using varied sizes of pillow or no pillow at all, if it is desired to make the principal effect on the gastrocnemius.

32.6 • Kneading of calf sidelying Stand behind the patient and apply opposite forces with both hands, using the thumbs to knead the muscles of the calf.

Tips: In this hold it is possible to work the whole length of the calf of either leg with the thumbs. If use of the fingertips is preferred to use of the thumbs, work from the other side of the table.

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