Contact Point Pressure

The amount of pressure with the applicator, and the method of application of that pressure, are other critical variables. It is almost impossible to produce the best resistance in a joint or structure unless enough pressure has been used to remove the slack from the overlying structures. This pressure must be very carefully applied if it is not to become painful, and the part of the hand or other structure used must be considered carefully. The method of application as well as the total quantity is also important, and depending on the type of the technique, the pressure rarely remains static, but increases and decreases as the technique progresses. All techniques have a beginning and an end, and the point of onset and arrest has already been discussed, but variations in pressure will influence the other factors to a large extent as well. As an analogy, visualize attempting to break a piece of wood laid across two bricks. If the force were to be applied from a distance, considerable impact might be necessary. If, however, you were to stand on the wood and simply bounce up and down, there would be a good chance that it would break under the strain.

The total force would be similar, but the initial pressure of standing on it would bring the structure nearer to a breaking point without so much impact. Naturally, the use of contact point pressure can be excessive as well as insufficient, but like most of the other modifying factors, can be decreased as well as increased as necessary.

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