Articulation of lateral border Sit and

stabilize the calcaneum or cuboid with the proximal hand. The distal hand articulates either the cuboid, or the fourth and fifth metatarsals on the cuboid. Form a fulcrum with the thumbs under the foot or the fingertips on the dorsum.

Tips: Try introducing traction and direct dorsal to plantar movement.

33.37 and 33.38 • (see previous page, top right and bottom right) Thrust to medial border Stabilize the foot against the table holding the hind foot in dorsiflexion to lock the ankle. Supinate the other hand and pull the medial border of the foot into plantarflexion, abduction and eversion. Reverse the direction of forces and then, when a suitable tension is developed, execute the thrust with both hands. The stabilizing hand fixes on either the talus, navicula or cuneiform according to the target joint.

Tips: It may be easier to develop the eversion required with this hold than with some others, as the heel of the thrusting hand can be used.

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