Your Hairs Are Counted

But the very hairs on your head are all numbered (Luke 12:7).

Jesus mentioned in the Word that God knows the number of hairs on your head. Did you ever try to count hairs? You might get to 75. Hair is on the crown of your head and potentially over most of your body. Hair has many purposes. It conserves body heat, protects the scalp, and is a part of the sensory system. The hair shaft is the part that grows above the skin surface. It is alive and is affected by hormones, enzymes, blood, perspiration, environment, and genetics. What you apply to your hair can be absorbed into the body. Lead-based ingredients can be especially harmful. Hair quality, amount, and texture are affected by your dietary choices.

Hair tissue analysis reveals much about your current body health. Toxins and minerals are more concentrated in the hair. I see patterns and ratios that help me determine potential body dysfunction. High copper levels are often seen with low zinc. This pattern is common in females with high estrogen and men with prostate enlargement. Evaluating hair can assist in altering lifestyle patterns.

Natural Prescription for Health: Eat mineral-rich alfalfa and organic veggies. Hair health—quality, texture, thinness, and strength are related to mineral levels.

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