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Why ask for that sandwich on whole wheat bread? People who eat whole grains have a lower risk of diabetes, say researchers at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere.

Lawrence Kushi and colleagues gave diet questionnaires to nearly 36,000 healthy Iowa women aged 55 to 69 when the study began in 1986. After six years, 1,141 of the women had been diagnosed with diabetes.

Those who consumed the most whole grains (average: 3 servings a day) had a 21 percent lower risk of diabetes than those who consumed the least (average: once a week). Those who consumed the most fiber (average: 10 grams a day) from breads, cereals, and other grains had a 29 percent lower risk than those who consumed the least (average: 3 grams a day). (Fruit and vegetable fiber wasn't linked to diabetes.) And those who consumed the most magnesium, a mineral found in whole grains, had a 24 percent lower risk than those who consumed the least.

"Being overweight is clearly an overwhelming risk factor for the development of diabetes, and physical activity is important, too," says Kushi, who is now at Columbia University. "But there is growing evidence that whole grains also play a role. It's just hard to know whether it's their fiber, magnesium, or something else that matters."15

"Before making Dr. Bob's suggested lifestyle changes I had been suffering with chronic ear irritations as well as hip pain for 25 years on and off. I was on medication for cholesterol, blood pressure and Wellbutrin for nerves. I have modified my food intake. I now eat more natural foods and drink lots of water.

Giving up treats with sugar has been difficult. However, I no longer take medications for cholesterol and blood pressure. My ear infections are a thing of the past. The aura in Dr. Bob's office is like a warm hug! It makes me feel really "cared about." Like a loving family!" Judy Kuenzel

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