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And He said to him, "Go and wash in the pool of Siloam." So he went and washed and came back seeing (John 9:7).

Pursue health from the inside out, creating the environment that sharpens "the saw" to live without burnout. The majority of sickness and poor health I treat today is self-inflicted. Again: Poor health is usually self-inflicted. I like to call it death by denial. Your nervous system controls the function of your body. Every last tiny cell is directly controlled by this computer system. People are blind to this fact. Correct spinal column alignment with a flow of electrical impulse and healing energy is necessary for optimal health.

I have treated patients with a variety of named conditions. A common one—chronic sinusitis afflicting up to 18 percent of the u.s. population creating billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry. I have patients with various histories including eight sinus drilling procedures with no permanent correction. Correcting a sub-luxated second cervical neck vertebrae, detected by radiography and thermography, releases the power switch opening the channel from brain cell to tissue cell. sinus passages can clear in the time it takes to flip a switch. This same sequence of events can be duplicated for any tissue in the body.

Natural Prescription for Health: Do you suffer with chronic poor health? Pray, seek, and locate a skilled spinal adjuster.

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