Optimal Health for Women

Females live on a fine line of hormonal balance. Any overload or deficiency can create a cascade of symptoms. A leading cause of female issues is estrogen overload. The liver is the clearing house for hormone function. Child bearing creates additional stress on the operating function. Women who focus on whole food diets, exercise, and detoxification live healthier lives.

Men, read this section to increase your wisdom about female health. The natural principles effect you too.

Many people spend more time preparing for a party or special event than they do their future. I suggest that over the next sequence you use the blank pages provided at the back of the book and write down your one-month, six-month, and twelve-month goals. Also, plan five and ten-year projection goals. I suggest you focus on some of the patterns discussed up to this point, plus skill set enhancement, financial, personal, and relationship goals.

Day 190

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