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And behold there was a certain man before him who had dropsy...and he healed him and let him go (Luke 14:2-4).

Little healing was done in Nazareth because of little faith. Jesus healed all who had the faith to be healed. Dropsy, not a common term today, can be caused by a variety of reasons. Fluid accumulation, swelling, edema, and swollen ankles are more common terms used today. Diuretics are commonly prescribed to treat the symptoms of excessive fluid. This may surprise you, but increasing water from a pure source can release water accumulation in tissues by eliminating toxins accumulated from poor food choices. Heart and kidney function should be evaluated by a skilled experienced healthcare provider if chronic, long-lasting swelling exists.

Increasing protein consumption often relieves the body of extra fluid. Fresh parsley is an excellent kidney purifying herb. Try adding it to your salads or make parsley tea with hot water. We support heart function with low dosage, cold-processed nutritional supplements and see reduced swelling as a result. I check all patients for proper alignment of the spinal segments associated with heart and kidney function. Correction aids restoration.

Natural Prescription for Health: Fresh parsley in your salad promotes kidney function.

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