Feed Your Kids Right

The children of your people will live in security. Their children's children will thrive in your presence (Psalm 102:28 NLT).

Children are precious and what grandma consumed, smoked, or drank has the potential to impact your child's health. I have observed that the second child often times can have liver congestion or stress because mom and the first child—especially with the toxic food and pollution today—may have been overburdened. It is not uncommon for me to see female patients have their gall bladder removed after the second child due to an overworked liver from pregnancy.

What you feed your kids can overwork their livers leading to liver stress even early in their lives. I have had 8-year-old patients who were told they needed gall bladder surgery. I really believe that breast feeding is best. Goat's milk is a viable option. Do not feed children solid food too soon. Avoid soda and hydrogenated fats. Watch the "going out to eat" pattern. Avoid milk; it causes ear infections and allergies. Use almond, rice, or oat milk. Soda pop depletes calcium and the sodium benzoate can cause food allergies. Use almond butter for calcium. Purchase spelt flour bread, brown rice for a grain, and real oatmeal.

Natural Prescription for Health: Your children will eat what they see you eat. Eat healthy foods!

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