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You hold my eyelids open...(Psalm 77:4).

God created the body to be an interdependent unit working together for one common purpose, just as He created the Church Body for one purpose. Visions, seeing with your mind's eye as Jacob did in Genesis 31:11, are a direct connection to the throne room.

Are you bothered by spots or floaters in front of your eyes? Commonly called "vitreous floaters," these annoying events are often self-correcting by adding one organic carrot, raw or grated, on your mixed green salad. overworked and stressed livers are the storage house of the fat soluble vitamin A that is critical for proper eye health. Minimize toxic foods and beverages that promote liver stress. Have your healthcare physician rule out any other cause for peace of mind. And then enjoy your new level of health.

Natural Prescription for Health: Slice carrots into your mixed green salad.

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