Extreme Menstrual Flow

If a woman has a discharge of blood many days, other than at the time of her customary impurity or if it runs beyond her usual time.

(Leviticus 15:25 emphasis added).

The leading cause of heavy or extensive menstrual flow is poor diet choices and stress. Stress depletes the body of badly needed whole food B vitamins that are necessary to process estrogen. The liver is programmed to create chemicals to handle the additional emotional load. Fast-paced lifestyles along with emotional highs and lows create additional overload on a liver which is already at its maximum output. Realize also, stress interrupts intestinal absorption. B vitamins are produced in the intestine. Colon irritation also impairs production.

Ladies, before deciding to have a hysterectomy, my suggestion is to first focus on a detoxification program and lifestyle pattern change. Take the word Danish, cookie, soda, glass of wine, etc. out of your vocabulary. Avoid items that are processed. They create additional work on your filter system. You need to increase your consumption of whole food B vitamins, drink more water, take flax, and eat beets.

Natural Prescription for Health: Milk products congest lymphatic flow. Drink water and exercise aerobically.

Detox Diet Basics

Detox Diet Basics

Our internal organs, the colon, liver and intestines, help our bodies eliminate toxic and harmful  matter from our bloodstreams and tissues. Often, our systems become overloaded with waste. The very air we breathe, and all of its pollutants, build up in our bodies. Today’s over processed foods and environmental pollutants can easily overwhelm our delicate systems and cause toxic matter to build up in our bodies.

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