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".. .Blessed.. .[are] the breasts that nursed you (Luke 11:27).

ealthy breast tissue is a sign of clear digestive and detoxification function. Just mentioning the word breast cyst or blocked milk duct can send chills down the spine. Thirty percent of American women have fibrocystic breast disease, a benign (noncancerous) condition characterized by round lumps that move freely within the breast tissue. These lumps are usually tender to the touch. In contrast, a cancerous growth in the breast is often not tender or freely movable when touched. The texture of the lumps can vary from soft to firm. For many women, the tenderness may increase as menstruation approaches. often the cysts fill with fluid and can enlarge premenstrually in response to the increase in hormonal levels during this time.33

There are many thoughts and hypothesis by Western medical thinkers as to the cause of breast lesions. Studying natural therapeutics for over 30 years, I must tell you from my experience that the three leading causes of unchecked elevated estrogen levels arise from 1) synthetic HRT (sourced from horse urine), 2) congested livers not capable of clearing estrogen, and 3) obesity. Eating high-fiber food and whole food B vitamins are absolutely necessary to combat high estrogen levels. An optimally functioning thyroid is needed to have proper bowel movements. Flax oil, rich in Omega 3 fat, promotes overall optimal hormonal function. A congested liver from consuming too much caffeine from coffee, tea, and chocolate can also lead to breast cysts.

Keep your liver clean. Eat beets daily. Increase fiber to help assist removal of elevated estrogen. Do not panic! Just make some changes.

Natural Prescription for Health: Eat fiber with each meal. Your bowels will move better tomorrow.

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