Better Than Statins

What lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol better than statin drugs?

Statins plus a healthy diet. Researchers gave 120 men with high cholesterol either the statin drug, Zocor, or a placebo (sugar pill) and instructed them to eat either their usual diet or a Mediterranean-type diet.

The Mediterranean diet was high in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated and trans fats (the meat was lean and the cheese, milk, and yogurt were low-fat). The diet replaced the saturated and trans fats with unsaturated fats, especially omega 3 fats (from fish, canola oil, and canola margarine).

After 12 weeks, the diet had cut LDL by 11 percent, Zocor had cut it by 30 percent, and diet plus Zocor cut LDL cholesterol by 41 percent. A bonus: the Mediterranean diet wiped out the (unwanted) 13-percent rise in insulin levels caused by the Zocor.29 In our practice, we lower cholesterol up to 40 percent by eliminating sugar and eating beets.

Natural Prescription for Health: Whether or not you take statin drugs, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and replace saturated and trans fats (in meats, dairy, and store-bought or restaurant baked goods and fried foods) with unsaturated fats (in foods such as fish, oils, nuts, salad dressing, and avocado).

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Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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