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Adrenal Gland: A small walnut-shape gland located on top of the kidneys. The adrenal gland makes several hormones necessary for optimal health. It is important to make natural cortisone, male and female hormones, and is critical for the maintenance of various minerals. The adrenal gland also creates the chemicals necessary for you to respond to emergencies. It is commonly weakened by sugar and stress. Chronic pain, female hormone issues, asthma, allergies plus so much more are directly affected by adrenal function. Two CD programs are available through our on-line resource library.

Gall Bladder: A small reservoir located on the lower liver. It is necessary for optimal fat metabolism. The liver produces bile. I commonly see gall bladder issues in females with two or more children and men who eat processed, fast food. Gall bladder removal requires a daily supplement of bile to assist processing of fat. The gall bladder does not grow back. If you have a history of gall bladder surgery, it is critical to change your diet. The pancreas works harder to process fat without the assistance of adequate bile from the liver with certain foods.

Liver: This is a body's work horse. It is located in the right lower rib cage. A damaged liver can be restored by making appropriate lifestyle changes including limiting alcohol, sugar, and man-made chemicals. Diet soda is a leading cause of poor liver function. Toxic chemicals need to be processed by the liver. Skin lesions including acne and psoriasis will clear up. Female hormone issues, even tender breasts, heavy menstrual flow, and spider veins will respond to liver cleansing. Eat organic beets regularly. Avoid lymph congesting,

liver stressing, conventional, chemically-altered dairy products. CD programs are available on-line.

Lymph: The lymph system is the sewer system of the body. It also is one of the main defense or immune systems. Water and exercise are necessary for proper function. Dairy products slow the lymph movement. A proper functioning liver is needed for lymph clearing from the body.

Pancreas: The pancreas, we have been taught, is the organ that makes insulin necessary for glucose or blood sugar to get into cells. The pancreas also makes enzymes assisting in the metabolism of food. Enzymes are necessary for digestion and are commonly deficient because of processed food. Convenience food items have been robbed of most living cells to create a longer shelf life. Patients who eat sugar, dairy, and sweet fruits tend to have left neck and mid-back pain. I believe this is directly related to the pancreas embry-ologic development when we are in the womb. The pancreas refers pain to the left side primarily when it is overworked; much like an overworked motor shorts out a circuit. This is a common problem I see in my practice.

Thyroid Gland: The "gas pedal" of your body. The thyroid gland is located in the mid- throat region and is responsible for many functions including keeping you warm. This gland is commonly stressed by chlorine from showers and pools. It controls calcium and affects cholesterol levels. Common body signals of a weakened thyroid gland include: chronic constipation, thin hair, and morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses. You can monitor the function of your thyroid gland by monitoring your arm pit temperature first thing in the morning for 10 minutes. The temperature normally should be 97.8 degrees. The thyroid responds to organic iodine and flax oil. The liver needs to be functioning optimally assisting the body to create thyroid hormone available for use. CD programs available on-line.

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