Summary Points

• Pecan is the most valuable nut tree native to North America.

• Pecan use by Native Americans goes back to archaeological evidence found in present-day Illinois, dating from 9000 years ago.

• Over 1000 different pecan varieties have been described.

• The United States and Mexico are the greatest producers of this nut.

• Pecan's high antioxidant capacity comes from the non-lipid portion.

• Defatted pecan kernels contain phenolic compounds; the main ones are gallic acid, catechin, epicatechin, ellagic acid, and ellagic acid derivatives.

• These individual phenolics are arranged in polymers as condensed and hydrolyzable tannins.

• Pecan nut shells contain mainly condensed tannins.

• These phenolic compounds have been proven to be beneficial against several cancers and inflammation, and to have antiviral and antihypertensive activity, among others.

• The identified allergen is a 2S albumin called Car i 1.

• Pecans can become toxic when they get moldy.

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