Summary Points

• Parinari curatellifolia is very variable in size and shape, ranging from a small shrub to a large tree. It is widely spread in varying climatic conditions, and can be cultivated by both asexual and sexual means.

• Parinari curatellifolia seed extracts have curative potential, with multiple therapeutic activities attributed to the presence of vitamins and natural products such as polyphenols.

• Polyphenols are antioxidants, and are implicated in the management of diverse disease conditions.

• Seed extracts also exhibit a broad spectrum of therapeutic activities, including antiinflammatory effects, antidiabetic effects, reduction of advancing age-induced oxidative stress, and antimicrobial activity.

• The seed extract in high doses could cause kidney damage, and has some deleterious effects in the heart tissue but not in the liver.

• The extract contains hypolipidemic agents, and reduces the cardiovascular risk factors that contribute to the death of diabetic subjects.

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Health And Fitness 101

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