Summary Points

• Guava plants are found worldwide and are used medically to, for example, control diarrhea, reduce inflammation, and decrease antibacterial activity.

• A new antimicrobial peptide from guava seeds has been identified and characterized.

• Guava seed peptide belongs to the glycine-rich protein group, a family earlier described only as storage proteins.

• In vitro bioassays showed that P. guajava antimicrobial peptide was able to inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacteria causing gastrointestinal infections in human.

• The peptide herein described could be used, in the near future, as a novel tool in the treatment of infections caused by Proteus sp. and Klebsiella sp., also delaying the process of bacterial resistance toward currently used medicines.

• The action mechanism of P. guajava antimicrobial peptide seems to be by pore formation in the cell membrane when in a homodimer conformation.

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