Summary Points

• Sophora moorcroftiana is an endemic shrub species in Tibet altiplano, PR China, and there are one to seven seeds in the pods when the seeds ripen, between August and October.

• The ripe seeds are used as medicine, and the decoction of 9 g seeds is used in Chinese folk medicine for dephlogistication, detoxication, as an emetic, in infectious diseases, and in verminosis.

• The EE95 LC50 of the cytotoxicity in tumor cells is 1.4 mg/ml, which is the lowest among all crude extracts.

• The EE95 and alkaloids inhibit the proliferation of and induce apoptosis in tumor cells in a concentration-dependent manner in vitro.

• The EE95 inhibits the tumor tissue growth, and the inhibition rate when treated with EE95 (800 mg/kg per day) was 28.1% in vivo.

• The EE95 may exert its antitumor effect via inducing tumor cell necrosis and lymphocyte soakage in tumor tissue in vivo.

• The EE95 could enhance the self antitumor response, and stimulate the secretion of TNF-a and IL-2 by immune cells in vivo.

• The EE95 from SM seeds possesses potential antitumor fraction(s) in animals.

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