Summary Points

• Guarana seed extracts possess a strong ability to inhibit human platelet aggregation in response to a variety of agents.

• Current research supports the concept that unique complexes of catechins, epicatechins, their dimers, and caffeine might be responsible for the anti-platelet aggregation properties of guarana seeds.

• The anti-platelet aggregation effect of guarana seeds is of interest because increased platelet aggregation and reactivity increases the risk of thrombosis, heart disease, and stroke, which is very important in young women taking oral contraceptives and older women on hormone replacement therapy (Subbiah, 2002).

• Active fractions isolated from guarana seeds might be of use as a nutraceutical in managing thrombosis, pending well-controlled in vivo studies in humans.

• Guarana seed extract also exhibits other properties related to health benefits, including improving cognition, stimulating fat oxidation and weight loss, and chemoprotective and antioxidant effects, that deserve further study.

• Guarana seed extract, when taken alone, has very few side effects, similar to those observed after consumption of products with a high caffeine content.

• It is strongly recommended that combining guarana seed with supplements containing Ma huang and ephedra-like products should be avoided.

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