Presentday Cultivation And Usage

P. curatellifolia propagation is carried out using both asexual and sexual methods. All the basic farming tools, including a scythe, hoe, digger, shovel, and so on, are needed for both pre-planting and post-planting maintenance (Kadiri, 2008). The species regenerates naturally from seed, coppicing, and suckers. Most of the trees are propagated asexually from the root suckers. The results of asexual reproduction are always like the parents, although there may rarely be mutations in the offspring (Kadiri, 2008). The sexual method of reproduction involves allowing the flower to grow and pollinate, and the ovules to be fertilized to give rise to new seed. P. curatellifolia plant parts are used in traditional medicines. The wood is very hard, and especially suited for objects requiring great durability. It is used as pegs, rafters, and beams, in building, mortars and canoes, and as railway sleepers.

P. curatellifolia seeds show prolonged dormancy, and germination may take months. The seeds have hard seed coats and rarely germinate artificially, even after pretreatment. They may be pretreated by boiling or immersion in boiling water or dilute sulfuric acid, to speed up germination (Maraji & Glen, 2008). When boiled for 15 minutes, allowed to cool, and soaked for 24 hours, the seed may still take up to 6 months to germinate. The germination rate is poor, with the best being about 34%, reported when the seed coats are completely removed and the seeds are stored for 60 days before sowing.

Seeds lying on the ground may be infected by parasites; therefore, fresh seeds collected from the plant should be sown in river sand in flat seedling trays, pressed down till they are level with soil surface, and covered with a thin layer of sand. The use of seed, which is the product of sexual reproduction, may cause variations in the quality of the drugs produced from such plants, because of the high incidence of genetic exchange (Kadiri, 2008; Maraji & Glen, 2008). The seedlings are transplanted at the three-leaf stage, and care is taken to avoid damaging the taproot, which is very susceptible.

To ensure that the propagation process is successful, healthy seed or plant parts must be used for propagation, and the plant parts divided or cut with a clean, sharp knife.

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