Lepidium sativum seeds have positive effects on accelerating fracture healing in vivo in rabbits, which by itself supports the observation noticed in traditional medicine (Juma, 2007). Fracture healing and its pathophysiological process have been the axis of a number of studies, and the factors accelerating or hindering healing are diverse and unpredictable (Ketchen et al., 1978). However, the use of nutritional elements to treat some ailments and fractures is as ancient as the history of human beings. One of the plants used in traditional medicine is Lepidium sativum (Ageel et al., 1987; Qudamah, 1995; Juma, 2007), which was given the common name of Le Cresson (the cress) and identified as a division of crucifers. The plant is well recognized in European communities as Herba Lepidii Sativi, and its consumption has increased in the former Soviet Union and Western European countries as a source of vitamins, for its diuretic effect, as a stimulant of bile function, and as a cough reliever (Czimber & Szabo,

Nuts & Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-375688-6.10061-1

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Adapted from "The Effects of Lepidium Sativum Seeds on Fracture-Induced Healing in Rabbits" by Abdullah bin Habeeballah bin Abdullah Juma, FRCSEd, (Medscape General Medicine, 2007; 9(2):23).

1988). This plant is used in the community of Saudi Arabia as an important element in traditional medicine for multiple applications, but commonly in fracture healing (Ageel et al., 1987; Ahsan et al., 1989; Juma, 2007). Different Arabic names, such as Rashad, Hurf, and Thuffa, have been given to Lepidium sativum in Arabic countries, including Saudi Arabia, where the plant is grown in Al-Hijaz, Al-Qaseem, and the Eastern province (Ageel et al., 1987). The roots of the plant, its leaves, and its seeds are used traditionally, and the effect of seeds on fracture healing, noticed clearly in Saudi folk medicine, has been reported in rats (Ahsan et al.,

1989) and rabbits (Juma, 2007).

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