Harmala (Peganum harmala L.) is a medicinally important perennial herb of the family Zygophyllaceae (Goel et al., 2009). It has various common names, including harmala, Syrian rue, wild rue, harmal, and Africa rue. It is widely distributed throughout semi-arid areas of India, Pakistan, Iran, Africa, and Central Asian countries (Sultana, 1987), and has been introduced into America and Australia (Mahmoudian et al., 2002). Nearly all parts of the plant are used in the traditional system of medicine, for the treatment of a number of diseases (Sultana, 1987). Medicinally, the fruits and seeds have digestive, diuretic, hallucinogenic, hypnotic, antipyretic, antispasmodic, nauseant, emetic, and uterine stimulant activities (Goel et al., 2009). Various authors have described the possible therapeutic applications of the harmala seed alkaloids, such as protozoacidal agents and coronary dilators, embolic as well as for nervous diseases (Bukhari et al., 2008).

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