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animals given estradiol valerate subcutaneously at 0.1 mg/rat per day, confirming that transanethole has estrogenic activity (Dhar, 1995). Estrogenic activity of trans-anethole at high concentrations was determined by a sensitive and specific bioassay using recombinant yeast cells expressing the human estrogen receptor (Howes et al., 2002).

Sedative effect

The pentobarbital-induced sleeping time of mice was increased by 93.5% after simultaneous intra-peritoneal administration of essential oil of aniseeds at 50 mg/kg b.w., and transanethole gave similar results (Marcus & Lichtenstein, 1982). An aqueous extract of aniseed exhibited weak in vitro cytotoxic activity against melanoma cells (Sathiyamoorthy et al., 1999).

Chemical constituents and biological activities of Pimpinella anisum L. are given in Table 20.2.

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