Historical Cultivation And Usage

The bambangan tree grows in the wild, and has also been cultivated by seed propagation by local people (i.e., the Dayak and Kadazan-dusun) on Borneo Island. The flesh, which represents 60—65% of the total weight, is used as a food, whilst the kernel (15—20% of the total weight) and peel (10—15% of the total weight) are usually discarded (Abu Bakar et al., 2009a). The flesh is eaten fresh by indigenous people, and also made into pickle or cooked with fish, chicken, or meat for a distinctive "mangoey" and sour flavour. The flesh of bambangan is also sometimes cooked with onion and chilli, and served as side dishes or "sambal". The flesh of the fruit is used to make juice, and, together with the grated kernel, is used to make pickle, which is delicious eaten with the local staple food (rice).

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