Botanical Descriptions

Swietenia macrophylla King is an evergreen tree, which grows to 40—60 m in height and 3—4 m in girth. The trunk is straight and cylindrical with a buttressed base. The leaves are usually paripinnate, 20—45 cm long, and are made up of three to six pairs of lanceolate or ovate leaflets. The leaflets are asymmetric, 5—12 cm long, with a whole margin and an acute or acuminate apex, and are light green or reddish when young, becoming dark green when mature. The yellow-green flowers of both sexes are in the same inflorescence and are arranged in panicles. The season of flowering and fruiting differs with the geographic location. The fruits are capsular, oblong, 10—40 cm long and 6—12 cm in diameter, and each fruit contains 20—70 samaroid seeds. The seeds are 7—12 cm long and 2—2.5 cm wide, including the wing. The seed coat is differentiated into the testa and tegmen.

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