Botanical Description

Okra, also called "gumbo" in Africa, is a well-known horticultural crop. It is well distributed throughout the tropics, where its fruits are extensively used as a vegetable and for pickling. The harvested fruits are pale green, green, or purplish pods, which are ridged in many cultivars (Figure 99.1). When fully matured they are dark brown dehiscent or indehiscent capsules (Camcium et al., 1998), and the seeds are embedded within these capsules. Okra seeds, according to Oyelade et al. (2003) and Calisir et al. (2005), vary in length between 4.5 and 5.5 mm, whilst the width, thickness, and weight are 4.2—5.5 mm, 3.5—4.5 mm, and 0.05—0.07 g, respectively. The volume ranges from 0.31 to 0.50 cm3, with a surface area of 28.27—88.92 cm2 at a moisture content range of 6.35—15.22%, dry basis.

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