Botanical Description

A. muricata is an annonacea belonging to the Magnoliales order and the Magnoliopsida class. It is a tree 4—7 m in height, with smooth bark. Its leaves are long and pale green, and its flowers have yellow-green fleshy petals. Its fruits are large, oval, or heart-shaped, with small, green, thin-shelled spines; their size ranges from 10—30 cm long and 15 cm wide, and they can weigh up to 2.5 kg. They have white flesh that is creamy and juicy. The seeds are small and numerous, dark-colored, and of compact consistency. They have a rigid coating that contains a kernel-like almond. At present, there is no information on the number of world varieties. Soursop types have been roughly classified into sweet, subacid, or sour; however, in just one region of Puerto Rico 14 varieties have been distinguished, and it is believed that in other producing regions of the world there are many more (Morton, 1987).

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