Botanical Description

Euphorbia lagascae Spreng (Euphorbiaceae) is a species characteristic to the Iberic Peninsula and Corsica. It is an annual plant with smooth, light green stems, about 20—60 cm tall, which flowers in early spring and fruits in April and May, depending upon climate. The seeds have a grayish color, black-marked or speckled, and are ovate, truncate, and subcompressed. The Euphorbiaceae family consists of about 300 genera and 7500 species better developed in tropical and subtropical regions. The largest genus is Euphorbia L., with over 2000 species found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and America, and also in temperate zones worldwide. Euphorbia species range from annual or perennial herbs, through woody shrubs and trees, to succulent plants, and are characterized by milky latex (Krewson & Scott, 1966; Castroviejo et al., 1989).

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