Adverse Effects And Reactions Allergies And Toxicity

The toxic lectin phytohemagglutinin is present in many varieties of beans, but is highly concentrated in red kidney beans. Although, using dry beans, it requires 10 minutes at 100° C to degrade the toxin, incidents of poisoning with the use of slow cookers at low temperatures not high enough to degrade the toxin have been reported. The British Public Health Authority, PHLA, has recommended soaking kidney beans for 5 hours before cooking. Sprouts of beans high in hemagglutinins (such as kidney beans) should be avoided.

Consumption of Phaseolus vulgaris brought about a decrement of food intake, body weight, and blood glucose level in rats. This is attributed to the suppression of a-amylase by a-amylase inhibitors, interference with the central mechanism controlling appetite, and stimulation of cholecystokinin secretion from intestinal brushborder cells.

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