Neurotransmitter Depletion and Depression

Neurotransmitters are the natural chemicals that facilitate communication between brain cells. These substances govern our emotions, memory, moods, behavior, sleep, and learning abilities. Neurotransmitters are manufactured in the brain from the amino acids we extract from foods, and their supply is entirely dependent on the presence of these precursor amino acids. Alcohol destroys these essential precursor amino acids which is probably why alcoholics seem so emotionally muddled and depressed. Without adequate amino-acid conversion, neurotransmitters are no longer produced in sufficient amounts; this deficiency causes "emotional" symptoms, including depression.

The two major neurotransmitters involved in preventing depression are serotonin (converted from the amino acid L- tryptophan) and norepinephrine (converted from the amino acids L- phenylalanine and L-tyrosine). You can resupply the vital neurotransmitter precursors and reverse depression by taking daily amino-acid supplements. Your symptoms will determine which amino acid you will take for depression: L-tryptophan if your symptoms are sleeplessness, anxiety, or irritability; L-tyrosine or L-phenylalanine if your symptoms are lethargy, fatigue, sleeping too much, or feelings of immobility.

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Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep

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