Choline O-acetyl -transferase


CH3 Acetylcholine figure 8.110 Acetylcholine synthesis and breakdown each ol'thc three catabolic steps alter that generates the one-carbon donor methylene tetra hydro folate. Hits gives choline a central role in the homeostasis of hormone synthesis. DNA methylation. and other critical metabolic events. Neurotransmission. A small amount of the intracellular choline, probably from phosphatidylcholine. is used for the synthesis of acetylcholine in neurons of the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system. Choline O-acetyltransferase (choline acetyl-transferase, EC2.3.1.G) is responsible for the synthesis. Acetylcholine is cleaved again by acetylcholine esterase (YT blood group antigen. EC3.1.1,7), Complex lipids: Choline is an important constituent of structural lipids such as phosphatidylcholine (membranes, digestive micelles, lipoproteins, intracellular signaling), sphingomyelin (enhances neural conductivity), and platelet-activating factor (hormonelike action). The synthesis of phosphatidyl choline starts with choline phosphorylation by choline kinase ( EC'2.7,1,32). CTP phosphocholine cyt idyl transferase (EC2.7.7.15 ) then generates the activated form and magnesium-dependent diacylglvcerol choline-phosphotransferase (CDP-choline:diacyl glycerol choline phosphotransferase, EC2.7.8.2) adds the 1.2-diacy(glycerol moiety.

Countercurrent hypertonia; The choline metabolite betaine is an important osmolyte in epithelial cells from the renal inner medulla that helps to concentrate urine. Expression of the betaine transporter (SLC6A12) in renal medulla is induced by hypertonicity. A similarosmoprotective function may be important lor intestine (Kidd etui. 1997):

Ernyme activation: The activity of some enzymes is increased by phosphatidylcholine. A pertinent example is the allostcric activation of 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase (EC1.1.1.30), an enzyme of ketone body metabolism.

H?H? CHa Choline

Choline kinase

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OTP phosphochotine cytidytiransferase

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Di acyl glycerol cholinephospho-transf erase (Mg' J

H2C—acyl acyl CH Q CH3

Figure 14,111 Phosphatidylcholine synthesis from choline

Cancer; Choline deficiency increases cancer risk in various rodent models. An important mechanism may Lie inadequate DNA methylation due to a diminished pool of one-carbon groups. Many cancers are characterized by increased choline kinase activity, v^iich effectively traps choline in affected cells (Roivainen el ai. 2000), This phenomenon can be employed for radiological identification of some cancer cells by positron emission tomography (PfiT) after administration of 1 'C-labeled choline. Cell cycle regulation: Choline deficiency increases the rate of apoptotic cell death in manv tissues (Shin et at., 1997).


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