Outof Body Experience

No one reported an out-of-body experience. Such a result was also reported in previous studies (Hata, in Hadfield 1991; Tachibana 1994). However, I have recently learnt of the case of an 87-year-old Japanese woman who,

40 years ago, had a very powerful OBE. She was considered clinically dead by the doctors. She described her amazement when she found herself out of her body and looking at her family members crying at her deathbed. Although she tried many ways to attract their attention and to communicate with them (in an attempt to tell them that she was not dead), she did not succeed. She also rang the bell of the ancestors' altar in her house. Her family members heard the sound of the bell and turned towards the altar but they were not able to see her. Finally, after many attempts, she lay down on her corpse and miraculously she came back to life. This was indeed a surprise for everyone!

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