Light in Japan

One participant, Mr. C., had a powerful vision of a wall made of Light and had a form of non-verbal communication with it. He also described a sense of gravitation towards this Light, as if he was melting into it. As we saw in Chapter 2, Ring identified this as the last stage of the NDE (Ring 1980). The other two participants didn't see the Light, but they spoke about bright colours. To illustrate this point, Mrs O. made me look at the flowers in her garden which were incredibly yellow. Mrs C. said that she was in a place filled with inexplicable, gentle, bright light and lovely fragrance.

No one reported a tunnel effect or a transition through a period of darkness, which, following Kellehear (1996), is also one of the two most common elements in NDE from a cross-cultural point of view. Only one participant (Mr C.) referred to a sense of transition, but not in the darkness. He told me he was (1) flying (2) up and (3) at great speed. Both (1) and (2) are quite unusual elements in Western NDE, where people usually are going down along a tunnel, rather than flying up. A common element is the high speed (3).

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