Comparison of ketamine and NDEs Methodological issues

The ketamine research results presented in the previous chapter were compared with those obtained from a similar study carried out by Peter Fenwick on 36 cases of NDE that followed either (1) cardiac arrest or (2) some other life-threatening circumstance during which the subject was awake. The data from both these NDE groups ('a' and 'b') are available at the Religious Experience Research Centre (RERC)1 Archive at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

For clarity, groups 'a' and 'b' will sometimes be combined together under the name 'NDE group' in the following discussion, but a distinction between the two will be made when appropriate.

Interviews with the ketamine and NDE group subjects were held following completion of a semi-structured questionnaire known as the 'Greyson NDE Scale' (Greyson 1983: 369-75).

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