We know relatively little about NDE in China. The most popular work has been carried out by Carl Becker (1981). He made a study of three traditional monks, who were exponents of the foundation of Pure Land Buddhism. Each of the three monks reported a period of illness, during which they all experienced either an NDE or a death-bed vision while still reasonably unconscious. During these accounts neither tunnel experience nor out-of-body experience was reported.

More recently, another study was carried out by Zhi-ying and Jian-xun in 1987. The authors looked at the accounts of 81 survivors of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake in China. Of these, 72 reported an experience similar to a near-death experience (Zhi-ying and Jian-xun 1992). The most distinctive features were: 'sensations of the world being exterminated; a sense of weightlessness; a feeling of being pulled or squeezed', as well as the most common 'feeling estranged from the body, unusually vivid thoughts, loss of emotions, unusual bodily sensations, life seeming like a dream, a feeling of dying, a feeling of peace or euphoria, a life review or "panoramic memory", and thinking unusually fast' (ibid.: 46).

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