Mrs O., a 66-year-old Tai Chi Master, had a very powerful near-death experience which changed her life. Sixteen years before the interview, she was very sick and she vomited dark blood. She lost consciousness and was resuscitated in the emergency care unit of a hospital in Tokyo. The doctor told her later that her heart had stopped beating for a while and that she was considered clinically dead for an unknown period of time (she couldn't remember). She described having a vision of a river which separated her side from that of the Realm of Dead (or 'Yomi'). She said:

As I got closer, at the very end of the other side of the river, I saw my mother who passed away 18 years ago. I could see only her face because a group of children monks, dressed in white and black, masked the rest of her body. The children were very noisy. I moved closer, to see my mother. She looked very worried and she said: 'Don't come here! Go back!' So I turned back and regained consciousness in the hospital. At that very moment, I heard a nurse calling my name.

A few days after her NDE, another 'strange' event happened to Mrs O. She was still in pain, recovering at home. She said she looked at a picture of a plum tree in full blossom on the wall of her room (this is a rather common image in Japanese houses). Suddenly, she saw the face of her mother staring at her from the centre of a beautiful plum flower. This vision continued for about two weeks. She said: 'When I fully recovered, the face of my mother disappeared from the plum tree.' She felt that her mother had sent her back to our world because she still had several missions to accomplish in this life. The first mission was that she had to become a Tai Chi Master for the good of other people. And so she did. She was still practicing this discipline when I met her.

The second reason was that she had to care for and learn more from her mother-in-law. In fact, four years after her NDE, her husband sadly passed away and her mother-in-law was left all alone because her husband was her only child. Her mother-in-law lived a healthy life and lived until the age of 103.

During the interview, Mrs O. remembered several times when this old woman had been important in her life. She said:

I was very pleased to take care of her and I learnt so much from her. I never had the opportunity to take care of my own mother while she was alive. When she passed away I was a student in Tokyo, far away from Niigata where my family lived.

Her NDE changed her life in various ways. She became less worried about events in her life. She also understood that we all have a mission in life:

My mother helped me to see my own path more clearly. I now recognize the power of parents' love for their children. Finally, I had the chance to take care of my mother-in-law and to learn much from her. I feel blessed for what I have experienced. NDE are very rare and precious experiences. Only a few people have had these magnificent experiences.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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