Border or a point of no return

All three NDErs came to a clear point or border of no return, which was a major component of their experience. Mrs O. described it as a river, which divided her side from the side where she saw the child monks as well as her dead mother who had passed away 18 years previously. Mrs C. described it as a rainbow bridge across a river, and the young musician as a wall of golden Light which blocked his way. For all of them, to cross these points meant that they would die and that they accepted this. Two of them were sent back by their dead relatives (the mother in the case of Mrs O., her father in the case of Ms C.) either (1) because they had a mission to accomplish in life, or (2) because their time had not yet come.

Similar experiences have been widely reported in Western NDE. For instance, we currently know that in India, people tend to be sent back because of a mistake in their identities (Pasricha and Stevenson 1986). A similar phenomenon has been described in case of Lingza Chokyi in the Tibetan delok (Sogyal Rinpoche 1992).

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