A smallscale study

In 2004, I carried out a small-scale study in Japan in collaboration with the 21st Century COE Program on the 'Construction of Death and Life Studies Concerning Culture and Value of Life' at the University of Tokyo. The Chair of the Centre, Susumu Shimazono, has pointed out that the main objective of this program is to explore a variety of issues on 'Life' and 'Death' studies, which in Japanese are called shiseikan (or 'perspective on Death and Life') (Shimazono 2004). It is interesting to note here how in Japanese the term 'death' precedes that of 'life'. The interviews for the study were organized by Yoshikazu Honda, Assistant Director of 'The Yoko Civilization Research

Institute' in Tokyo. The three interviewees knew each other, and when I met them in Tokyo, Honda translated.

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