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No controlled studies are available to determine the effectiveness of damlana as a stand-alone treatment In weight loss; however, one study that used a combination of herbs that included damiana has produced positive results. The randomised doubleblind study involving 47 overweight subjects tested a herbal combination product known as 'YGD' (Yerbe mate, Paullinia cupana and damiana) for weight loss activity. Treatment resulted in a prolonged gastric emptying time and a body weight reduction of 5.1 ± 0.5 kg compared with 0.3 ± 0.08 kg after placebo over 45 days. A 12-month follow-up revealed that weight loss was maintained in the active treatment group (Andersen & Fogh 2001). Until studies using damiana as sole therapy are conducted, the effectiveness of this herb in weight loss is still unknown.

4 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss

4 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss

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