Stabilises Capillary Walls And Enhances Dermal Wound Healing

In vivo studies have found that PCs stabilise the capillary wall and prevent increases in capillary permeability when chemically induced in tests such as carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema (Zafirov et al 1990) and dextran-induced oedema (Robert et al 1990). Components in GSE have the ability to cross-link collagen fibres, thereby strengthening the collagen matrix (Tixier et al 1984). Clinical studies confirm that grapeseed extract improves capillary resistance when used at a dose of 150 mg daily (Lagrue et al 1981). Not unexpectedly, research has also identified wound healing properties.

A 2002 study in mice found that topical application of grapeseed PCs considerably accelerated wound contraction and closure and provided additional support during the wound healing process (Khanna et al 2002). It has been shown that a GSE preparation containing 5000 ppm resveratrol facilitates oxidant-induced vascular endothelial growth factor expression in keratinocytes in vitro, which may account for its beneficial effects in promoting dermal wound healing and resolution of related skin disorders (Khanna et al 2001).


Several in vitro studies have demonstrated that PCs from Vitis vinifera strongly suppress tumour growth and have cytotoxic activity against a range of cancer cells, including breast, lung, prostate and gastric adenoma cells (Bagchi et al 2000b, Joshi et al 2001, Tyagi et al 2003, Ye et al 1999a). More specifically, PCs from grapeseeds exerted antitumour properties in several animal models (Kim et al 2004, Nomoto et al 2004, Ray et al 2005, Zhang et al 2005). One study also found that grapeseed PCs enhanced the growth and viability of human gastric mucosal cells at the same time (Ye et a I 1999b).

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