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As controlled studies are not available, interactions are currently speculative and based on evidence of pharmacological activity and case reports. Studies have reported that normal doses of Siberian ginseng are unlikely to affect drugs metabolised by CYP2D6 or CYP3A4 (Donovan et al 2003). ANTICOAGULANTS

An in vivo study demonstrated that an isolated constituent in Siberian ginseng has anticoagulant activity (Yun-Choi et al 1987) and a clinical trial found a reduction in blood coagulation induced by intensive training in athletes (Azizov 1997). Whether these effects also occur in non-athletes is unknown. Observe.


An increased tolerance for chemotherapy and improved immune function has been demonstrated in women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy treatment (Kupin 1984, Kupin et al 1986). Caution, as co-administration may theoretically reduce drug effects. However, beneficial interaction may be possible under medical supervision.

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